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ken_1I was born in Chicago and lived there for 28 years. I moved to Indianapolis in February of 1985 to begin a career with the FAA and worked in that arena until the spring of 2013. I worked as an Air Traffic Controller, ATC instructor, and with Lockheed Martin assisting in the installation and implementation of our new Air Traffic Control ERAM computer system.

My passions are: my family, my friends, meeting new people, brewing good beer, making good wine, baking bread, cooking, playing guitar, golf, and Chicago Blackhawks hockey.

I started brewing casually in 1997 and brewed as much as fatherhood could allow. From 2011 to the present my brewing ramped up to a more serious level and I now brew or ferment something whenever possible.

I can think of nothing better than to help someone get started in brewing his or her first few batches of beer.