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A Recipe for Deliciousness Using Fresh Hops: Wet Hopped Pale Ale

Harvest time is here, and hop cones are plentiful on the vine! Wet, fresh hops are a bit of a […]

Difference Between Liquid Yeast and Dry Yeast

Traditionally, there have been more yeast strains available to homebrewers as liquid strains than dry, so you were able to […]

Viking #yeastscreamcontest

Here at Great Fermentations, we’ve brewed a ton of beer and have always added yeast to our wort, placed the […]

New England IPA Brewing Musts: The Right Water Profile and Minimizing Oxygen

Recently we launched an exciting new beer kit here at Great Fermentations – Dumpster Fire IPA. It is a New […]

Brewing with Smoked Malt

By Lindsay Perdue So what would you do with Smoked Malts? Good question. Over here at Great Fermentations, we are […]

Is Star San Foam Bad for My Homebrew?

Have you ever used Star San for sanitizing your brewing equipment? If you have, then you know it is an […]

Glass vs Plastic: Are Glass Carboys REALLY Better than Plastic?

This is one of the topics we tackle quite a lot at Great Fermentations. Glass vs plastic carboys: which one […]

Break Free and Create Your OWN Beer Style

Hello Fermentation-ists! Bryan here from Great Fermentations. I was recently working on our annual Fall Newsletter for 2018, and I […]

5 Benefits to Switching from Extract to All Grain Brewing with Brew in a Bag

Hello everybody! Wes here. Our customer and friend, Trey, made the following blog post for us about switching from extract […]