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Great Fermentations Job Openings

We are growing growing GROWING, so that means we need some more help around here! We currently need part time help on the retail floor. See the description of the job below, and email us at to setup an interview. Please include your resume when emailing!

Opening: Weekend Retail Assistant

Location: Indy location OR Avon location
Hours: Up to two weekends a month
Pay: Negotiable
Start Date: ASAP

Interested in this Job? Then send your resume to

Retail Job Description

  • Cheerfully give great customer service.
  • Greet customers upon entering store.
  • Learn needs and suggest solutions for customer to consider.
  • Understand and be able to explain equipment and processes on their level.
  • Gather and weigh ingredients.
  • Keep current with Great Fermentations sales and promotions.
  • Keep current with brewing and winemaking knowledge and trends.
  • Assist in maintaining a clean store.
  • Assist in stocking and facing shelves.
  • Assist in maintaining correct product pricing.
  • Ability to quickly and accurately cash out customers.
  • Reconciling till.

Interested in this Job? Then send your resume to


Racking dumpster fire v2. This beer smells amazing!

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Total of 11oz of dry hops added at high krausen. The yeast has dropped out a ton on this beer after 5 days, but it is still hazy 🤪🍻👌. Should be kegged, carbonated, and ready to drink by this Friday (8 day turnaround for an 8.5%)!
Test batch for our next IPA kit. The smell in here is amaaaaaaazing 😍🍺🍻

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The dog days of summer are here, so why not brew a beer AND make some treats for your favorite four legged companion 🐕

Use the spent grains from this beer kit to make some delicious dog biscuits and have a close to zero waste brew 👍. Dog biscuit recipe is included with the kit!

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Mariah the stir plate is hard at work today at the shop 💪

The glitter shows just how much movement a stir plate provides when making a yeast starter.  Pick up some propper starter and a stir plate for your brew this weekend, and make dat yeast work!

#homebrew #homebrewing #homebrewer #homebrewers #homebrewingonly
Back at it in the brewery working on a new creation for you. Any guesses??

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