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Black IPA? Really? Yep. It's back. Get ahead of the curve with our Devil May Cryo kit. Details at #homebrew #hops #blackipa #gr8fermentation
Some of the swag is starting to roll in for the #yeastscreamcontest Make a short video of yourself and your best yeast scream! You could win stuff! #homebrew #homebrewing #kveik #kveikyeast #kveiktheworld
Getting some Dumpster Fire recipe kits ready. Check out Great for more info! #homebrew #hazyipa
Three great yeasts from Omega that are fantastic in our new Surtr Smoked Ale kit. #homebrewing #smokedbeer #craftbeer #kveik #kveiktheworld #kveikyeast @omegayeast
Change of season means a change of glitter for Mariah the stir plate. We went with red for the holidays! Speaking of holidays, check out our Black Friday Sale at