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The dog days of summer are here, so why not brew a beer AND make some treats for your favorite four legged companion 🐕

Use the spent grains from this beer kit to make some delicious dog biscuits and have a close to zero waste brew 👍. Dog biscuit recipe is included with the kit!

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Mariah the stir plate is hard at work today at the shop 💪

The glitter shows just how much movement a stir plate provides when making a yeast starter.  Pick up some propper starter and a stir plate for your brew this weekend, and make dat yeast work!

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Back at it in the brewery working on a new creation for you. Any guesses??

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Good news, bad news here. Bad news is that we are closed this weekend for the 4th of July. Good news is (or perhaps this is GREAT news) that we are opening back up to normal hours and allowing customers in the store, starting next Tuesday! More info here including info on curbside pickups as well as vulnerable population shopping hours:

We’re looking forward to seeing you all back in the store next week! Th is for being patient with us 👍
Curbside Pickup: WED-SAT from 10-5 (ADDED WED.!)
Store Reopens: Targeting July 7th

To our valued customers. We hope that you and your families are all safe and healthy! This pandemic has taught us many things, but one in particular is that we truly are a relationship business, and we do better when we get to actually see and talk in person with our customers! We miss seeing you in the store and we look forward to the day when things can be back to normal!
We decided to close our storefront on March 25th, and have not allowed customers in the store since then. That's 2.5 months of no customers in the store! That's a long time, and with things starting to slowly open back up, we wanted to take this time to give you an update on where we are currently, and what our plans are going forward.

We have been extremely fortunate to have a robust and growing online business. From the moment the stay at home orders went into effect, our online business took off like a rocket. We got to the point where we had so many orders it was taking us a full week to get an order out the door. Because of the surge in online ordering, we've been able to weather this pandemic storm relatively well and are on stable footing to continue business going forward. We are EXTREMELY grateful for the position we are in, as we know many others have not been so lucky.

Starting THIS week, we are extending our curbside pickup service by one day. Going forward, our curbside pickup schedule is WED-SAT from 10-5.

We still face some challenges in opening the store back up to customers, one of which is lack of packaged product on our shelves. Believe it or not, we package quite a bit here at Great Fermentations! Since our online business took off, we have been making things on the fly vs bulk preparing, and so our store shelves are somewhat empty right now. We have brought on two new people though to help out over the next few weeks to get our shelves full ag
We're open for curbside pickup today til 5! Just place your order online and choose "Indy store pickup". We are asking that you allow us 4hrs once your order is placed to pick and process. We've got a ton here so we're doing our best to keep up! With the large volume of orders we will NOT be sending out an "order ready" email at this time. You're welcome to call to double check! Otherwise just come on over! Stay safe and cheers everyone!🍻
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Shipping a bunch of these bad boys out today. Fill your beer bottles the RIGHT way, straight from your keg faucet 👍 #homebrew #homebrewing #homebrewingonly #tapcooler