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I got my first taste of great craft beer at The Heorot in Muncie. The more I explored different beer styles, the more I wanted to start making my own beer. I like to get creative with styles and experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques. I make beer, wine, cider, and mead. I’ve also dabbled in pickling, and cheesemaking. I’m interested in sours, and have a decent pipeline in the works. I’ve also started a brewing blog/homebrew club called Beer Is My Passion and occasionally set up tastings and brewery tours. I volunteer at brewing events and competitions. You can usually find me at Great Fermentations covered in flour.

Fun Fact: I’m a gamer, and I’m into Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming communities. If you meet me online by Grubb’s tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden…


We close at 3 today! Swing by early to get your New Year's Day brewing supplies. We will be closed on Saturday...AKA, National Hangover Day. Cheers!
We close at 3PM today and we're closed tomorrow. We'll be back Sunday from 10-2. Have a happy and safe holiday! Oh,  and get yourself something reeaaaal nice....