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I started home brewing when my wife bought a beer kit for my birthday, and I’ve been loving it ever since. I came from managing a paint store before getting an offer to work at Great Fermentations; I decided ultimately to sell something I loved rather than hated. I truly enjoy working here because I am able to learn a lot about the hobby from my fellow staff and even our customers. I also like being able to aid people when they are first getting into the hobby. It’s such a rewarding hobby and I like to make sure people know all they need to make a good beer or wine. My bread and butter is a good American Pale ale with a citrus punch, but since starting here, I’ve really started to enjoy making wine. My cellar currently has 175-ish bottles, with more on the way!

Fun Fact: One thing people may not know about me is that I spent a year in Africa hunting snakes. I have a large collection of snake skin boots, belts, and even hats :)


We close at 3 today! Swing by early to get your New Year's Day brewing supplies. We will be closed on Saturday...AKA, National Hangover Day. Cheers!
We close at 3PM today and we're closed tomorrow. We'll be back Sunday from 10-2. Have a happy and safe holiday! Oh,  and get yourself something reeaaaal nice....