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Irish Homebrew Beer Kits for St. Patrick's Day Irish Homebrew Beer Kits for St. Patrick's Day


Shipping Guy & Space Viking


Deep in the bowels of Great Fermentations, dwells the embodiment of all things red, Mark Clayton. Born to Space Vikings orbiting Jupiter, Mark was collecting and stacking boxes as a wee child. This would come full circle for Mark after his 26th rotation around the fireball you call “the Sun” as he bagan his packing and shipping destiny. It wasn’t until this time that Mark realized that the boxes he had been collecting and stacking his entire life, could hold products purchased from Great Fermentations. The items could then be enclosed in the boxes using a sticky plastic material called “tape”. This allowed Mark’s boxes filled with great products like grains and yeast, that would in turn be delivered to customer’s homes. I guess they make beer or something. Anyways, Mark is the shipping guy. And he’s a Space Viking. Ronnie James Dio, hoppy beers, assorted meats and cheeses, long walks on the beach, dogs that look like cows, Mark likes all of these things.


Live brew session streaming setup 🤪Who knew so much equipment went into making this stuff!!??!!??

This @blackmagicnewsofficial ATEM mini pro switcher is just awesome! Highly recommended 🙏
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Black IPA? Really? Yep. It's back. Get ahead of the curve with our Devil May Cryo kit. Details at #homebrew #hops #blackipa #gr8fermentation
Some of the swag is starting to roll in for the #yeastscreamcontest Make a short video of yourself and your best yeast scream! You could win stuff! #homebrew #homebrewing #kveik #kveikyeast #kveiktheworld
Getting some Dumpster Fire recipe kits ready. Check out Great for more info! #homebrew #hazyipa
Three great yeasts from Omega that are fantastic in our new Surtr Smoked Ale kit. #homebrewing #smokedbeer #craftbeer #kveik #kveiktheworld #kveikyeast @omegayeast