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Yeast Whisperer

Steve has been making beer and wine for several years, and over that time he has made over 100 batches of beer, wine, cider, and mead. He was born and raised in Southern California and cares about his beloved Lakers and Dodgers almost as much as brewing beer. Before moving to Indiana, he spent five years in Northern California, including three years at UC Davis cementing his beer geek cred. While others were bringing Natural Light to frat parties, he was bring Racer 5 IPA or Stone Imperial Russian Stout.

Steve moved to Bloomington in 2009 where he met his lovely wife who manages to gamely put up with his obsession hobby. A bit of a naturalist (AKA, a hippie), he likes to forage for local herbs and fruits from around Indianapolis and from his expansive garden, which he incorporates into his homemade beer, wine, and mead. In 2013, he graduated from IUPUI with a bachelor’s of science in biology. Because of his academic background, he tends to geek out over the science behind brewing. He is a self-described “Yeast Whisperer” who can name proper pitch rates for every beer from memory and can always be seen with a stir plate and flask nearby. He is also described by others as “that guy who brews crazy recipes”. While this is true, he is equally likely to appreciate an authentic German maibock as he is a sour saison with caramelized figs, sage, and burnt honey.

Favorite Beer Styles: Maibock, Flanders brown, saison, lambic, schwarzbier.

Bonus Fun Fact: Steve can recite pi to 40,000 digits. The last number is 8.


Racking dumpster fire v2. This beer smells amazing!

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Total of 11oz of dry hops added at high krausen. The yeast has dropped out a ton on this beer after 5 days, but it is still hazy 🤪🍻👌. Should be kegged, carbonated, and ready to drink by this Friday (8 day turnaround for an 8.5%)!
Test batch for our next IPA kit. The smell in here is amaaaaaaazing 😍🍺🍻

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The dog days of summer are here, so why not brew a beer AND make some treats for your favorite four legged companion 🐕

Use the spent grains from this beer kit to make some delicious dog biscuits and have a close to zero waste brew 👍. Dog biscuit recipe is included with the kit!

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Mariah the stir plate is hard at work today at the shop 💪

The glitter shows just how much movement a stir plate provides when making a yeast starter.  Pick up some propper starter and a stir plate for your brew this weekend, and make dat yeast work!

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Back at it in the brewery working on a new creation for you. Any guesses??

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