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Would You Like Some Yeast Nutrient?

I started helping my Dad brew beer at age 10. He helped his Grandfather do the same during prohibition, so I come from a long line of home brewers. I started to brew seriously in the early 80’s when there were almost no craft beers available. The only dark beers available then were Guinness or Michelob Dark. The best beer I could get was Ballantine XXX, a Pale Ale (almost IPA) style that actually had a moderate hop profile. After I retired, I decided I needed beer money so I came to work at Great Fermentations. My favorite part about working here is to help the beginning brewers learn how to create great beers.

Fun Fact: I was the 1st certified beer judge in the state of Indiana (1986).
Fun Fact #2: I speak fluent Spanish and little bit of English.


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