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Volstead’s Folly: Pre-Prohibition Porter

Autumn…what a perfect time for a porter! Of course, there are several kinds of porters. Though the dark, chocolatey beer […]

How to Brew with Fresh Hops

One of the best times of year for us brewers is at the beginning of fall, when the hops we […]

Summer in Antwerp: Belgian Pale Ale

Greetings, and welcome once again to another Recipe of the Month post! This month, we will be looking at the […]

Chill Out: On the Importance of Quickly Chilling Your Wort

Chilling your wort is an important step in making beer. Whether you realize it or not, quickly getting your wort […]

Vienna by Way of Mexico: Vienna Lager

This month’s recipe post is brought to you by our Avon store manager, Steve Kent (affectionately called Steve Kent Goldings […]

Red Yum American Amber Ale

It’s time again for another recipe of the month blog from Great Fermentations! As we are finally starting to escape […]

Getting Ready for Spring – Shorehacker Maibock/Helles Bock

Hello again, and welcome to another Recipe of the Month Blog post! We are posting this in hopes that you […]

A Big Porter for Winter: Baltic to the Wall Baltic Porter

Hello, and welcome to another Great Fermenations recipe of the month post! Being January and thus the in the heart of winter, […]

A Galaxy of Hops – Galaxy Hopped IPA

Hello there, and welcome to Great Fermentations’ recipe of the month blog! This month, our focus is going to be […]