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Break Free and Create Your OWN Beer Style

Hello Fermentation-ists! Bryan here from Great Fermentations. I was recently working on our annual Fall Newsletter for 2018, and I […]

5 Benefits to Switching from Extract to All Grain Brewing with Brew in a Bag

Hello everybody! Wes here. Our customer and friend, Trey, made the following blog post for us about switching from extract […]

Brewing the Dreamsicle Cream Ale: Creator Jeremy’s Process

Every year at Great Fermentations, we do an event called Big Brew Day on ┬áNational Homebrew Day. It is basically […]

How to Brew with Fresh Hops

One of the best times of year for us brewers is at the beginning of fall, when the hops we […]

Chill Out: On the Importance of Quickly Chilling Your Wort

Chilling your wort is an important step in making beer. Whether you realize it or not, quickly getting your wort […]

Top 10 Reasons to Brew Your Own Beer

While the art of brewing beer has been around for centuries, homebrewing is a relatively new phenomenon. For us in […]

Blichmann BrewEasy Brew Day Tips

Since the summer of 2014, the Blichmann BrewEasy all-grain brewing system has taken the homebrewing world by storm. With its […]

An Interview with Tim Palmer

2013 Best of Show at the Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup   As part of the prize package for winning […]