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Winemaker Intl. Competition Prizes and Entry Shipping


Win Prizes & Let Us Ship Your Wines!

Each year Winemaker Magazine puts on the International Amateur Wine Competition, and each year we help support YOU, the winemaker, by offering prizes to the winners and shipping your entries to the competition. Unfortunately this year, due to COVID restrictions, they will not be hosting the usual conference and awards ceremony, but the competition is still on! Read on to learn more about prizes and how to get your wines shipped.


We are offering the following prizes to winner’s at this year’s competition (max total prize per entry is $200).

***NOTE*** To be eligible for these prizes you are REQUIRED to list Great Fermentations as your Winemaker Retailer on the entry form. The entry form can be found at the link below:


    • Gold Medal = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Silver Medal = $25 Gift Certificate
    • Bronze Medal = $10 Gift Certificate
    • Grand Champion = $100 Gift Certificate
    • Best of Show RED = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Best of Show WHITE = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Best of Show COUNTRY FRUIT = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Best of Show KIT/CONCENTRATE = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Best of Show Dessert = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Best of Show Sparkling = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Best of Show Mead = $50 Gift Certificate
    • Winemaker of the Year = $100 Gift Certificate


Let us deal with the packaging and shipping for you! Wines need to be dropped of at our store (address below) by May 5th. Cost for shipping is just $10, regardless of how many wines you are entering. Each entry must include all required entry forms and fees.

5127 E 65th St
Indianapolis, IN 46220