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Do Home Brewing Kits Work Well?

Are you interested in brewing beer at home? Then, you need to know how a beer-making kit can make this hobby even more enjoyable. Brew kits and recipe kits can save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Frustration

Let’s look closer at what beer-making kits do and how you can find the perfect kit for you!

Do Home Brewing Kits Work Well for New or Experienced Brewers?

Home brewing kits are excellent for both new and experienced brewers. For new brewers, beer-making kits are an easy and cost-effective on-ramp into the hobby. For experienced brewers, home brewing kits are excellent ways to upgrade your setup or try out a variety of new beer recipes. Learn more about the best beer making kits for beginners.

Do Home Brewing Kits Work Well for New or Experienced Brewers_

What Do Home Brewing Kits Do?

There are two types of home brewing kits:

  • Beer ingredient kits a.k.a. a recipe kit give you the perfect hops and malted grains for a specific recipe. For both new and long-time home brewers, less time shopping and more time brewing is always a benefit.
  • Homebrew starter kits provide you with the essential equipment for making your own beer at home. Experienced brewers can find advanced equipment kits to upgrade their setup.   

How To Brew Beer at Home Without a Kit?

Whether brewing with a beer-making kit or without one, you’ll follow these general steps for homemade beer:

  1. Gather equipment and ingredients for brewing.
  2. Clean your equipment.
  3. Sanitize your equipment.
  4. Steep grains.
  5. Add malt extract.
  6. Bring mixture to a boil.
  7. Stir in additional ingredients.
  8. Transfer wort into a fermenting container.
  9. Cool your wort.
  10. Add yeast.
  11. Ferment for one to two weeks.
  12. Gather equipment and supplies for bottling.
  13. Clean your equipment and supplies.
  14. Sanitize your equipment and supplies.
  15. Add priming sugar to the bottling container.
  16. Transfer beer from the fermenting container to the bottling container.
  17. Fill bottles with beer.
  18. Seal each bottle tightly with a bottle capper and bottle caps.
  19. Store bottles for two weeks.
  20. Enjoy!

Home brewing kits make these steps easier in a couple of ways:

  • When building your setup, you don’t have to start from scratch and spend hours searching for the right combination of pieces. With a homebrew starter kit, you can assemble your home brewery quickly.
  • When starting a new batch, you don’t have to find all of the different ingredients and portion them out. Instead, beer ingredient kits give you the exact amount of hops and malted grains you need to get brewing.

Both of these advantages have one important thing in common—they help you spend more time actually brewing beer and less time doing all the other stuff! 

What Can Go Wrong with Home Brewing Beer?

The three most common things that can go wrong while home brewing beer are:

  • Wasted Time: Shopping can be exhausting and time-consuming, especially when you have to run from store to store. Skip the lines and traffic and get your home brewing essentials from Great Fermentation’s online shop.
  • Wasted Ingredients: What will you do with that extra half scoop of hops? Store it and forget about it when you brew your next batch? Throw it out and waste your money? With beer ingredient kits, pay for only what you need. 
  • Wasted Beer: Errors during the brewing process can result in stale, smelly, or contaminated beer. None of these outcomes are fun, so be sure to follow your recipe’s instructions (included with beer ingredient kits) and properly store your beer. 

How Much Does a Beer Brewing Kit Cost?

The cost of a home beer brewing kit can vary greatly depending on what it includes. For example, homebrew starter kits will cost more than beer ingredient kits because starter kits come with pieces of equipment instead of ingredients.

To get an idea of what your home brewing budget should be, consider the following price points for both homebrew starter kits and beer ingredient kits:

Homebrew Starter Kit Price Points

Beer Ingredient Kit Price Points

Searching for home beer brewing equipment for sale? Look no further than Great Fermentations!

How Long Does a Beer-making Kit Last?

Beer ingredient kits typically have a twelve to eighteen-month shelf life, while the equipment in homebrew starter kits will last for many, many batches. If you use ingredients past their expiration date, you may notice:

  • Reduced yeast activity
  • Decreased hops flavor
  • Undesired flavors, aromas, and colors

What Is the Easiest Beer To Brew at Home?

The easiest beers to brew at home are:

For an even smoother homebrewing experience, get started with a beer ingredient kit!

What Is the Easiest Beer To Brew at Home_

What Is the Best Home Beer Kit?

The best home brewing kit is the one that fits your needs. For example, the best beginner’s home brew kit will provide you with the essentials without pushing your budget. Experienced brewers may be drawn to the extra bells and whistles included with the Electric Brewing Homebrew Starter Kit with the ANVIL Foundry.

Beer ingredient kits are perfect for any brewer—novice or expert—who would rather spend their time brewing instead of shopping. 

Great Fermentations: Your Destination for Home Brewing Beer Kits and Help with the Brewing Process

Whether you are looking to craft a brew or just love good beer, home brewing can be a good hobby for you. With so many tools and awesome recipes available, there’s never been a better time to dive into the world of homebrewing! Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to upgrade your home brewery, Great Fermentations has got you covered. Visit our online shop or our Indianapolis location to explore our homebrew starter kits, beer ingredient kits, and so much more!

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