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What Is a Brewing Kettle?

A brewing kettle is a container you use to boil your mixture of water and beer-making ingredients. Not to be confused with brew kettle beer—a Belgian style of beer that’s popular in the Philippines—brewing kettles are a critical component in any home brewery. In fact, if you have a brewing kettle, you can make your own Belgian beer! It’s even more doable if you use a beer making kit to get you started.

Ready to learn more about homebrewing equipment and the endless possibilities of making your own beer? In this blog, we’ll cover the importance of the brewing kettle as well as some tasty recipes to cook up! 

What Does the Kettle Do in Brewing?

The kettle is important in brewing because that’s where the brewing takes place. Kettles are large containers that sit on a heat source while you add and stir in the ingredients of your brew. 

A similar piece of equipment—the mash tun—is often mixed up with the brewing kettle. What’s the difference? You use the mash tun to combine water and malt together. The result is a thick mixture, like that of a smoothie or milkshake. This step takes place before using the brewing kettle.

Next, transfer that mixture, also called the wort, into your brew kettle. Here, you boil the mixture as you add in other ingredients, like hops. Boiling your wort is an essential step because it helps kill bacteria and brings out the flavor and color of your brew.

Looking to start or upgrade your homebrewing setup? Check out our options for mash tuns and brewing kettles, like the 10 Gallon Cooler Mash Tun w/ False Bottom or the 7.5 Gallon Anvil Brew Kettle

What Is Brew Kettle Beer?

Brew kettle beer is a Belgian wheat beer. This type of beer has a medium body, a dry finish, and a crisp and refreshing taste. Brew kettle beer is also known for its spiciness, complexity, aromatic qualities, and citrus flavors.

This beer has grown in popularity in the Philippines. Because of the lightness and crispness of the beer, it makes for a refreshing drink in the local climate.

What Type of Beer Is Brew Kettle?

Brew kettle beer is a wheat-based Belgian beer. It’s recognizable by its pale gold color, hazy quality, and hints of citrus. Similar beers, which you can try out in your home brewery, include:

When going through your options, look for the gold color, dry finish, and spices. 

What Does Brew Kettle Beer Taste Like?

Brew kettle beer, and beers that have a similar taste, have some or all of the following qualities:

  • Flavors of orange, lime, pepper, and grains
  • Added kick from spices
  • Crisp carbonation and dry finish
  • Zesty character

For an example of the flavor you can expect, check out our Trippple End Extract Kit. This kit offers:

  • Gold color
  • Peppery spiciness
  • Soft malt character
  • Medium body

These characteristics make brew kettle beer and similar brews perfect for hot and humid environments. Need a refreshing drink after some yard work in the summer? Try brewing up a batch from the Trippple End Extract Kit for you and your friends! 

How Much Alcohol Is in a Brew Kettle?

Brew kettle beer has an alcohol content of 5.3%. That’s slightly above the average for pale lagers (4.1% to 5.1%) and at the top end for pilsners (4.1% to 5.3%). According to ARK Behavioral Health, the average alcohol content for craft beers is 5.9%, and the average for standard beers is 4.2%.

Of course, when you’re brewing at home, the alcohol content can vary based on how much yeast you use. Here’s a spicy tip—beer ingredient kits come with helpful instructions, so you can make sure you’re using the correct amount of yeast for your desired alcohol content. 

What Is the Alcohol Content of Brew Kettle Beer?

The alcohol content of brew kettle beer is 5.3%. Compare that to related recipes:

What Do You Put in a Brewing Kettle? Try Great Fermentation’s Beer Making Kits!

When it comes to what you can brew up in a kettle, the possibilities are nearly endless. We already covered some tasty Belgian brews, but you can also try these amazing kits:

The great thing about beer-making kits is that they save you time and help guide you through the abundance of online brewing supplies. Ready for your next batch? Check out our online shop or stop by in person!

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