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Brewing with the Blichmann Tower of Power

October 18th, 2012 // By // The Brewery // View Comments

With numerous brews under our belt using the Blichmann Tower of Power, we finally had the smarts to record one of our sessions! We love brewing with the ToP, and thought you would love to see it in action. In this video, John shows you some of the great features of the Blichmann Tower of Power during one of his brews.

(This is a 6-hour brew day, condensed into a 4 minute video, so if we left anything out you were interested in, just leave a comment and let us know; we’d be happy to answer any questions).

Want a more in depth review? Check out John’s extensive write-up on his experience brewing with the Blichmann Tower of Power here:

If you can’t resist anymore and are ready to make the ToP part of your system, check out our product page here for more pictures and descriptions of each of the available modules:

Great Fermentations Blichmann Tower of Power Setup

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