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Brew Day Dilemma – Where to Put Your Fermenter

A couple months ago, we posted something on our Facebook wall about the fact that we were running out of […]

5 Tips for Better Brewing in 2013

February 2013 will mark the 9th anniversary of my first batch of beer. I remember everything about that batch. It […]

Party Time, Excellent!

The holidays are upon us! The seasons change, and we spend the last remaining days of the year enjoying good […]

Brewing with the Blichmann Tower of Power

With numerous brews under our belt using the Blichmann Tower of Power, we finally had the smarts to record one […]

‘Tis the Season…for Seasonal Beers!

Autumn has arrived in Indiana. With the first serious drop in temperature comes the falling of leaves off trees, people […]

White House Homebrew Recipe Kits

Unless you have been living under a homebrew rock for the last couple weeks, you know that there has been […]

Review of the Blichmann Tower of Power

Once in awhile, a product hits the homebrew market that redefines the way we make beer at home. Blichmann Engineering […]

More on Sanitation

So what is sanitation? Sanitation means you have a log 3 reduction (99.9%) in microorganisms on your equipment. Sterilization is […]